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Expert Teachers
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Expert Teachers
with the Right Tools
can Do Wonders
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  • Fifth
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Designed for the Modern Young Learner

We specially designed it for the modern young learner combining expertise with technology to deliver engaging and effective online live classes for young learners aged 5 to 15.


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Meet the Teachers

Passionate. Exceptional. Virtuosic.


Dr. Vivian Chang

The Juilliard School, DMA, MM Oberlin College, BM Curio Teacher specialProgram Chair

Vivian Chang was born in Bronx, NY and the daughter of Taiwanese immigrants. She is the middle child of three girls and grew up playing chamber music with her sisters on both piano and violin.


Denise Rodrigues

Montclair State University, BM Curio Teacher

Denise Rodrigues has been playing the piano since the age of seven. Playing the piano was like writing in a diary! She found that she could channel whatever she was feeling into the piano keys, where they would stay safe.


Arianna Körting

The Juilliard School, BM, MM Curio Teacher

"Producing music of rare quality" (The Philippine Star), Arianna Körting, a Young Steinway Artist, is a recent graduate of the highly selective Accelerated B.M./M.M. Program at The Juilliard School under the guidance of Jerome Lowenthal and Hung-Kuan Chen.


Nicolette Sam Bird

Brigham Young University, BM Curio Teacher

Nicolette Sam Bird grew up in a home that was always filled with music. Nicolette loves to teach. At the age of sixteen, she began teaching her first students on both the piano and violin.


Patricia Logroño

Associated Board of the Royal School of Music Curio Teacher

Patricia Logroño was born in Santo Domingo, Dominican Republic. A dedicated musician & educator, her Music Academy has taught more than 300 students annually over the last 25 years.


Aline Giampietro Trifonov

Eastern Washington University, MM, BM Curio Teacher

Mrs. Giampietro Trifonov is an expert piano pedagogue, concert pianist, and entrepreneur holding a Masters and Bachelors Degree from Eastern Washington University in Piano Performance.


Brad Bietry

Berklee College of Music, MM Denver University, BA Curio Teacher

Brad Bietry is jazz pianist/composer/producer/songwriter based out of Los Angeles, CA. Brad was born and raised in Lima, Ohio. He studied at Berklee College Music for his undergrad, and Denver University studying jazz piano, composition, and arranging.


Kaden Larson

Indiana University, MM, DMA Brigham Young University, BM Curio Teacher

Kaden Larson began playing piano at age three as a therapeutic activity to help fight a severely crippling case of Juvenile Rheumatoid Arthritis.


Laurie Hudicek

University of Maryland, DMA, MM St. Mary’s College of Maryland, BM Curio Teacher

Laurie has a Doctor of Musical Arts in Piano Performance from The University of Maryland. In performance, Dr. Hudicek, focuses on works from the 20th- and 21st-Century, specifically works of American composers.


Dr. Leah Claiborne

University of Michigan, DMA, MM Manhattan School of Music, BM Virtuoso Teacher

Leah Claiborne, D.M.A. promotes diversity in the arts by championing piano music by Black composers in her performances, research, and teaching.


Dr. Vanessa Fadial

Stony Brook University, DMA Cleveland Institute of Music, BM Virtuoso Teacher

Vanessa Fadial, DMA, teaches piano and chamber music at the Colburn School in Los Angeles. Her students have won many accolades.


Dr. Blair McMillen

Manhattan School of Music, DMA The Juilliard School, MM Virtuoso Teacher

Hailed by the New York Times as 'prodigiously accomplished and exciting', Blair McMillen has established himself as one of the most versatile and sought-after pianists today.


Dr. Mika Sasaki

The Juilliard School, DMA, MM Peabody Conservatory, BM Virtuoso Teacher

Pianist Mika Sasaki is an imaginative and versatile soloist, chamber musician, and educator whose performances and teaching have taken her to the U.K., Italy, Japan, Switzerland, and throughout the U.S.


Dr. Scott Holden

Manhattan School of Music, DMA The Juilliard School, MM Virtuoso Teacher

Dr. Scott Holden is currently the director of the piano program at Brigham Young University. He has performed across the US, Europe, and Asia, including two solo recitals at Carnegie Hall.


Dr. Jocelyn Swigger

Eastman School of Music, DMA, MM Oberlin College, BM Virtuoso Teacher

Dr. Jocelyn Swigger is a concert pianist and music professor. I love performing and teaching: I feel incredibly lucky that I get to do both, and that I learn so much about each from the other.


Jose Ramos Santana

The Juilliard School, MM, BM Virtuoso Teacher

Born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, Jose Ramos Santana is one of the most outstanding pianist of his generation.


Sample lessons for the Curio course. The teaching will be adapted to the individual and the pace of learning. We strive to meet the child where they are.

Get familiar with keyboard
Lessons: Learn to play your first piece
Technique: Lear your first Etude
Theory: Names & Terms
Musical Math
Lessons: Clap & Count (Quarter, Half & Whole notes)
Technique: Etude No. 2
Theory: Musical Math
Performance: Learn Song of the Volga Boatman
Dancing Notes
Lessons: Learn Dancing Notes
Technique: Etude No. 3
Theory: Neighbour notes
Up & Down the scales
Lessons: Up & Down the Scales
Technique: Etude No. 4
Performance: Learn Hush, Little Baby
Lessons: Learn Ding Dong, Diving
Technique: Etude No. 5
Performance: Learn Good King Wenceslas
Note reading
Lessons: Note reading test
Technique: Etude No. 6, 7
Performance: Learn The Grasshopper
Music Alphabet
Lessons: Note reading test
Technique: Etude No. 8
Performance: Learn Yankee Doodle
Rests & New positions for left hand
Lessons: Rests & New positions for left hand
Technique: Etude No. 9
Theory: Naming Notes
Right hand Tunes
Lessons: Prepare for Sandman's Lullaby (Low C)
Technique: Etude No. 10
Performance: Learn Au Clair de la Lune (RH Tune)
Play in unison & legato in each hand
Lessons: Slurs & Ties, Legato/RH
Technique: Etude No. 11
Theory: Treble Clefs
Performance: Learn Sandman's Lullaby
Treble Clefs
Lessons: Learn Hands Together
Theory: Treble Clefs
Lessons: Contrast Staccato & Legato
Technique: Etude No. 12
Performance: Learn Lazy Mary

About Program

Suitable for kids of all ages! No experience necessary

1:1 private lessons with lesson notes post every class
Studio performance class every week
Level completion certificate to the students (Every 12 lessons)
Monthly Masterclasses for exposure to cross-functional knowledge
Holistic progress assessment (Every 12 lessons)
Exclusive access to a piano community to discuss all things piano

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Private classes

1:1 Private classes with flexible schedule

1 lesson pack
4 lesson pack
$22.5 per lesson
12 lesson pack
$20 per lesson

Group classes

Classes for up to 3 students per cohort. Every Wednesday, 5pm EST.

12 lessons
$12.5 per lesson
Oct 13, 2021
12 lessons
$12.5 per lesson
Oct 27, 2021

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Loved by the parents

Check out what are parents saying about us

Before my daughter started lessons with you, I had to help her with the piano practice everyday and she was often frustrated. Now, she is so independent and can practice by herself! And naturally, she really enjoys playing piano. We can't be happier!

Norene, Mother of 6 year old

You are such a gifted teacher, and I'm so impressed with your online teaching skills! You have been our sunshine during this rainy, gray and difficult month.

Loretta, Mother of 10 year old

My daughter learns so much from you and not just musically. Poise, presentation, public speaking, problem solving..

Nancy, Mother of 8 year old






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Frequently asked questions

Music & Online

Can online classes for music work?
Traditionally, music has always been taught offline. At Pixical, we have created a unique platform, from the grounds up, where the quality of learning could be better than offline classes for multiple reasons.
  • Teachers are able to show piano angles that was not possible in a physical setup.
  • The custom built platform has all the necessary resources inbuilt into the lesson (e.g. Music sheets, Metronome etc) - Lesser distraction.
  • Notes, Recordings, Resources are all available post class which makes focussed practice easier. No printouts ever.
  • Lastly, we have gamified the entire experience via pop songs, points & rewards which makes the entire process fun & exciting.
It's been a tough 12 months for kids zooming all year long. I am not sure whether I should put my children through online classes this summer.
Zoom was not built for learning, and we all have our stories of Zoom fatigue. Every touchpoint of the program - be it the platform, curriculum, lesson design - has been dictated by the twin objectives of Fun & Learning. So, worry not - A 30 min session will be enriching & exciting at the same time.
What are the benefits of Pixical compared to other online learning programs?
We have designed a modern program for the future combining the best of technology & pedagogy. Students need to have fun while learning, and we want to stay true to that objective. Our teachers personalise the learning objectives and outcomes for every student to make the pedagogy effective.
What ages and what types of curriculum does Pixical offer?
We offer the program from Ages 5 to 15. We have taken the best out of the piano method books - Be it Faber, Alfred or Micheal Aaron. If you are interested in a specific method, please reach out during our onboarding call, and we will ensure the same.
We don't have a piano. Can we use a keyboard and what kind should we purchase?
Starting off on a keyboard is just fine. However, the sooner you can upgrade, the better.
Please go to a music store near you with your child to purchase your instrument vs buying one online. It's an experience, along with your support, that will drive the importance and will to practice. Make it a family field trip & this memory can make all the difference.

Teacher related

Are the teachers equipped to handle kids?
The teachers have been specially hired to make sure they can teach kids - We look for these traits - Patience, Encouraging, Helpful, Friendly, Engaging & Fun along with functional expertise on the piano. Our teachers believe that the teaching should meet where the kids are, rather than follow a strict lesson plan.
Have the teachers taught online?
Yes, we have recruited teachers who have years of online teaching experience, and have adapted to the online medium quickly.

Course related

What are the pre-requisites for me to sign up for the course?
  • A keyboard or a piano
  • A laptop with a Chrome browser
  • A good Internet broadband connection
Can I reschedule a class?
Yes, you will be able to reschedule the class without any charges.
Can my child attend class without their video/audio enabled?
Without audio & video, it will be extremely tough to conduct the classes. If you are concerned about any specific needs, please reach out to and we will be able to help you out on the same.
How much practice is necessary?
Practice is very important for learning. We recommend 10-20 minutes of practice every day, and because of the gamified experience on the platform, we are confident that the children themselves will attend to it.
What books do I need and where do I get them?
The teacher will guide you to the right method book to purchase.
Do you have recitals?
We have studio performances where your child is encouraged to come & perform.
Is it possible to take a free trial lesson?
Yes, of course. Please register and schedule a free trial lesson above.
Can I record my live lessons to watch them again later?
All parents will have access to an app where you can see the recording, notes and access resources.
On which days and times can I schedule lessons?
We are very flexible with the time and we will schedule the same post the course registration.


What forms of payment are accepted? Do I pay monthly or per lesson?
We have multiple payment plans based on your requirement.
How do I use my REFERRAL20 Coupon code to get 20% off?
  • Choose the plan you want your child to enrol in.
  • Click on “Add Promotion Code”, enter the coupon code and click on “Apply”.
  • REFERRAL20 Coupon can be used only for the first purchase per user.
  • Secret tip! Purchase the 12 Lesson pack to get the maximum discount!

Quality, Grievances & Refunds

What if I am not satisfied with the quality of the instructor or the course?
We are sure that this situation will not arise, and for some unforeseen circumstance, this does happen - We offer a "No questions asked, refund".
Are my kids safe at Pixical?
Yes, child safety is our top priority at Pixical. We have strict community guidelines, and if you observe any divergent behavior, please reach out to your account representative or email us at
What kind of quality or vetting do you do for your classes?
All our piano teachers come with a music degree. While recruiting, we verify the professional background and education of all teachers and select for those who have the necessary online teaching experience, piano expertise, and a passion to teach children.