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Expert Teachers
with the Right Tools
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Expert Teachers
with the Right Tools
can Do Wonders
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Designed for the Modern Young Learner

We specially designed it for the modern young learner, we combine expertise with technology to deliver engaging and effective online live classes for young learners from ages 5 to 15.


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Meet the Teachers

Passionate. Exceptional. Virtuosic.


Aliza Boyer

New York University 20 yrs experience specialProgram Chair

Aliza has taught art and created programs in K-12 schools, museums, hospitals, and public spaces in the US and abroad for over 20 years. She experiences the world through the visual arts and loves providing learners of all ages the opportunity to explore, experiment, and express themselves through creative techniques


MaryJo Rosania-Harvie

Vermont College of Fine Arts 21 yrs experience

MaryJo believes that art is a way to build our confidence and community, to share experiences, and express ourselves! MaryJo loves to talk about artists and to work with young people who are full of great ideas.


Leslie Cogburn

AR Tech University 10 yrs experience

Leslie has been teaching visual arts K-12 for over 11 years in a variety of disciplines and has illustrated a children’s book, Goodnight Fayetteville. Leslie believes art can inspire and empower us to explore new possibilities within ourselves.


Laura Coleman

Georgia State University 6 yrs experience

In her spare time, she likes to create and sell wood-burning art. She Loves the Fall time; the weather, spooky movies, hot cocoa, and comfy socks!

Beatrice Banfi

Beatrice Banfi

Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design 10 yrs experience

Bea Banfi was born in Rome, Italy. At the age of seven, she received a huge box of crayons as a present. This was the start of a journey that is still ongoing.


The teaching will be adapted to the individual and the pace of learning. We strive to meet the child where they are.

Make your mark
Concepts: Line
Description: Making marks with various drawing materials; exploring material properties and what each of the different materials can do.
Project: Using lines, kids draw their favorite place and use different lines to depict the place and the surrounding area.
Lines to shapes and Collage
Concepts: Line, Shape - Geometric and Organic and Composition.
Description: Expand on the different marks to longer lines and “contours”. And, build on that to understand the formation of shapes - geometric and organic.
Projects: Creating a birds-eye view of favorite place and surrounding landscape through composing individual shapes to create more complex compound shapes; using collage and recycled materials.
Learn to give looks and feels
Concepts: Line, Shape, Pattern, Texture.
Description: Explore how lines and shapes create patterns, and patterns create textures.
Projects: Using shapes to create collographs and/or monoprints; foam/styrofoam/cardboard prints or LEGO prints.
Color your world
Concepts: Color mixing, experimenting and understanding their relationship - color wheel.
Description: Creating own color recipes by mixing paint colors together. These colors (and more) will become the palette of their choices.
Projects: Color mixing samples and experiment to color wheel, Mandalas.
Looking out - Creating space and place
Concepts: Color, Value, Perspective, Movement.
Description: Exploring how artists make art about different environments around the world that they find beautiful and interesting.
Projects: Creating Landscapes - hills created using ripped paper edges, pastels, and collages. And, watercolors - the layering of the sky.
Building Up - Shapes of Things to come
Concepts: Shape, Form (2D to 3D design)
Description: By cutting, folding, and joining, kids will learn to turn flat paper shapes into structures.
Projects: Working with paper to turn 2-D shapes into 3-D forms; origami, pop-up cards; cardboard building shapes.
Sculpt your models
Concepts: Scale, Proportion, Shape, Form)
Description: Exploring what sculpting materials like air dry clay can do or elements such as found objects and collaged images can add to the art.
Projects: Sculpting/model-making of landscape and man-made features with air-dry clay, papier-mâché, graphic design signs and boards.
Presentation & Celebration (Exhibition)
Description: Showcase their work in our shared online gallery as we celebrate our time together and all we’ve learned over the last few months.

About Program

Suitable for kids of all ages! No experience necessary

Group classes upto 4 children with lesson notes post every class
Virtual Art exhibition & chance to participate in 3 Virtual Museum tours
End of course Level completion certificate
Monthly Masterclasses for cross-functional knowledge (Sculpture design, Photography, Film making)
Holistic progress assessment (Understand interest in Painting/Drawing/Craft)
Exclusive access to an art community to discuss all things art

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Classes for up to 4 students in a group

150 $240
12 lessons
50 minute lessons
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Sunday - 2 pm EST
Wednesday - 6 pm EST & 8 pm EST
Thursday - 6 pm EST & 8 pm EST
75 $80
4 lessons
50 minute lessons
One lesson per week
Available times:
Sunday - 2 pm EST
Wednesday - 6 pm EST & 8 pm EST
Thursday - 6 pm EST & 8 pm EST
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Private classes

1:1 Private classes with flexible schedule

1 lesson pack
30 minute lessons
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12 lesson pack
30 minute lessons

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Loved by the parents

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Not only she had expertise, but her ability to make it easily understood was great. And to top it, she was very kind and patient.

Theresa, Mother of 8 year old

The classes are perfect for the novice. Everyone is allowed to work at their own pace and encouraged with advice and guidance to help them achieve the best results and gain in confidence

Lorkathryn, Mother of 7 year old

One thing I enjoyed about the class is creating cool, interesting and fun projects

Arlene, Mother of 8 year old






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Frequently asked questions

Art & Online

Why should I be taking an art course for my child?
For overall development at a young age. It has been proven that art helps in cognitive development and helps refining fine motor skills, neural development and problem solving abilities. The children also find a way to express themselves more clearly and independently which is an essential part of their overall growth.
But, can art really be taught online?
At Pixical, we have created a unique platform, from the grounds up, which upgrades the quality of learning through a distraction free platform, built specifically for learning art. Notes, resources and class recordings are made available to the student after the classes to revise and refer again. Students also have the added advantage to attend these premium virtual lessons from anywhere the Internet is available.
How do I know if my child is really suited to learn art?
The teachers take into account the level of the child in the onboarding call and adjust the content in the classes accordingly taking into account the needs of the child. (Further, you can take the MIT test to suitably gauge the interest of the child)
Why should I pay for an online course when I can learn directly from free resources available online?
There are numerous resources available online which can be helpful to gauge the interest level of the child in a particular field but they are not enough for complete skill development due to lack of feedback and no assignments to follow back on. Students often lose motivation in a few days due to lack of deadlines and no support while learning solo.
It's been a tough 12 months for kids zooming all year long. I am not sure whether I should put my children through online classes
The video conferencing tools that we use daily were not built for learning, and we all have our stories of screen fatigue. Every touchpoint of the Pixical program - be it the platform, curriculum, lesson design - has been dictated by the twin objectives of Fun & Learning. So, worry not - A 50 min session will be enriching & exciting at the same time.

Teacher related

Are the teachers equipped to handle kids?
The teachers have been specially hired to make sure they can teach kids - We look for these traits - Patience, Encouraging, Helpful, Friendly, Engaging & Fun along with functional expertise on the various forms of visual art. Our teachers believe that the teaching should meet where the kids are, rather than follow a strict lesson plan
Have the teachers taught online?
Yes, we have recruited teachers who have years of online teaching experience, and have adapted to the online medium quickly.

Course related

Would I be able to keep track of my child’s progress?
The learning outcomes are shared beforehand with the parent and each lesson and assignment can be tracked on the parent dashboard which is created at the beginning of the course. We will also keep you updated about the child’s performance and progress through Discord groups and emails.
How long is the course for?
The course length is 12 weeks, with 1 class every week.
Do I need to be present with my children during the classes? How will the children adjust with technology?
No, It’s not necessary for you to be present with the kid. You may or may not attend the classes as per your convenience. Online classes are new to many students, hence our teachers guide the students with any technical issues to make the classes hassle free
Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in this course?
No, there are no prerequisites as such. All you need is an internet connection with good bandwidth, a sketchbook and stationary, a device to attend the sessions from and a zeal to learn
My child already has had some training before.
Flexibility is the key to learning at Pixical. Whether your children are just starting out or they already make amazing art, there is always something to gain for them in the classes. Even if your child has had experience before, the teachers will adjust the lessons accordingly, teach new techniques and bring a fresh approach to the thinking process.
How many children will be present in each session?
There will be 3-5 children in each session to promote peer learning and collaborative skills.
Would my child be able to connect with other students for learning purposes?
Parents will be invited to a Discord group to share daily thoughts and for interaction. The students can share their work, ask questions and provide feedback through the common platform.
Would my child get adequate attention in a group class?
The groups have been intentionally kept small to allow maximum attention to each and every student. Teachers make sure to give specialized attention to everyone to ensure no one falls behind.
Will I be able to schedule the classes at my convenience?
No, once the groups are created, the classes are conducted on the same day and time every week. This is to ensure coordination among all members of the group and ensure uniformity.
What happens if I miss a particular class?
While it is advisable to attend every class live to derive the maximum value, we understand that certain times it might not be possible to do so. Hence, if a child misses the class for some unforeseen reasons, the parents can request for a catch up session to cover the missed lessons.
Would the art materials be provided by Pixical?
No, the art materials would not be provided by Pixical, but you would be informed of the required material before every class by the teacher so that the student comes ready.
Can I select the group in which my child would be a part of?
The cohorts are formed after taking into account the children’s skill level, age group, to ensure the best learning possible for all the students. However, if the student wants to opt for a different group, it can be changed on a case to case basis by talking with the coordinator. (Also, if you want to enroll with a specific group, you can enroll as a group of 3-5 students and receive a group discount)


What forms of payment are accepted? Do I pay monthly or per lesson?
We have multiple payment plans based on your requirement.
How do I use my REFERRAL20 Coupon code to get 20% off?
  • Choose the plan you want your child to enrol in.
  • Click on “Add Promotion Code”, enter the coupon code and click on “Apply”.
  • REFERRAL20 Coupon can be used only for the first purchase per user.
  • Secret tip! Purchase the 12 Lesson pack to get the maximum discount!

Quality, Grievances & Refunds

What if my child doesn’t like the allotted teacher?
All teachers are highly qualified and experienced in teaching art, especially to children. However, if for some reason, the student does not like the allotted teacher, the parent may request for a change in teacher in the follow up call and we will allocate a different teacher
Is the money refundable for some unforeseen circumstance?
We are sure that this situation will not arise, but for some unforeseen circumstance if you are not satisfied with the quality of the instructor or the course - We offer a "No questions asked, refund".